What do we want to be known for? Bridge Building

This was a tough weekend. Three police officers in Baton Rouge were killed, while the nation and this region continue to mourn all lives lost the past few weeks. I’m overwhelmed and incensed each time I hear and see these sorts of injustices, all senseless killings that seem to have become commonplace. I refuse to accept this as my new normal.  My twelve year old son asked me, “Dad, what is going on?” I had no answer, except that our country is still full of good people. That our country is made up of tremendous diversity and this is what makes it great. That our country, while not perfect, was founded upon principles guided by building bridges across diverse perspectives, not by destroying ourselves from within. I am confident in us as a people not to allow a few to determine our collective destiny. I am confident that we will seek peace and justice, dialogue and action. I am confident that we all yearn for a new level of accountability and relationship. With the state of things in our country right now, it is very easy to draw lines and choose sides.  I choose to stand on the bridge. We need more bridge builders.

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