What do we want to be known for? Compassion

I realize that we’ve created a world and region where it is common to live in communities divided by race and class. Understandably, our worldview and ideas are generally informed by those with whom we spend our time. And, more often than not, we spend our time with those who look and think like us. With this reality it can be very easy to harden our hearts on matters of importance to others who reside outside of our tribe. It can be easy to dismiss the stress, injustice, challenges and barriers that some face in their daily jobs and lives as unimportant or insignificant. It can be easy to vilify entire groups of people based on the acts of a few. I believe that a key to healing our country and community is first to nurture the compassion in our hearts and minds. Compassion compels the willing not only to see things from another’s viewpoint but to extend a helping hand.

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