Even in Struggle, There is Purpose

The older I get, the more I see the people that I care most deeply about deal with significant life challenges, such as illness and loss. From my extended family to co-workers, colleagues and friends, life throws unexpected curveballs that we are supposed to take in stride. When these curveballs and tragedies happen, many have common thoughts or feelings. We think sentiments like: “He wasn’t supposed to die that young” or “Divorce wasn’t in the script, they seemed like a lovely couple” or “She had so much unfinished business in front of her” or “We were just repairing our relationship after years of neglect, now he’s gone”.

While it is sometimes difficult for me to summon the right words to comfort those struggling with hardships, I feel grateful for the fact that, despite their loss or challenge, God is still up to something in their lives. Disease, death or even a temporary state of despair cannot hold us back from the things that God has purposed in our heart to get done on the job and in life. There is both a season and reason for all things.

I am constantly reminded: all that we endure is for a purpose, even when we don’t agree or can’t make sense out of it.

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