If We Were All Alike

If we were all alike, how boring would that be
Would I only want to interact with someone identical to me
Identical in thought, in preference and standard,
no deviation in mood, self expression or candor
Who would you debate with if everyone were politically the same
Whose shoulder would you lean on if we were all simultaneously in pain

If we were all alike, how creative would we be
Would we quest for continuous knowledge and understanding of our identity
Would poverty no longer exist because we would all have the gift
of financial wizardry or as many believe Jesus’ intuitive spirit to multiply loaves and fish

If we were all alike, would we age at the same rate
Would life on earth as we know it end at the same time with everyone meeting their fate,
would there exist in this world more concern and compassion for one another
with total disregard to what we monetarily earn
Would our asset accumulation and spiritual denomination
be consistent across the board
Would the minimum standard of living be all that we could afford

What color would we be or would color be obsolete
Would the only differences be in gender so that we may continue to breed
Or would gender differences also be void
Would there be monolithic vision and dreams,
and would the only way to continue our existence be by synthetically engineering genes

Would we all have the same mental and physical abilities or would some be differently abled?
And would those who identify with that label, not bring talents to the table
Would we all value life the same, and be thankful for how we’ve been blessed
Good health, family, food and fortune, if that’s the lot we possess

How distracted some have become for wishing the impossible,
that all of our differences never existed, paying homage to thoughts that are illogical
While I understand that most are comfortable with those who look and think like them
we must begin dismantling the barriers that keeps us confined to this realm
No longer should we embrace thought that promotes exact division,
divine unity is a must and its an individual decision.

Life choices, religious beliefs, or the skin in which you where born
whether your abilities are exceptional or limited,
whether your mind is here or gone
He loves us all the same, He being the God to whom I pray
And He will demonstrate this magnificent love always, through Judgment Day

Take a closer look at yourself and determine if you are opposed,
to diversifying your thought process and in the end you can say you chose
If we are to continue to thrive we must remember who we are,
and celebrate the diversity that exist in each of God’s shining stars

I learned long ago that “hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.” If we are to be competitive in our region and nation we absolutely have to build bridges across diverse perspectives, beliefs and ideas. All things are possible.

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