Living With Purpose

I believe that we were all put on Earth for a specific purpose. For some, it may take a lifetime to figure out what that purpose is, while others know very early on. In my 20s, I believed I could change the world. Growing up, there were many times I faced challenges and distractions from my purpose, yet somehow I mustered the courage to keep pushing.

We often forget that we need purpose. After we have earned a livable wage and checked off a few items on our bucket list,  we start asking the questions of our youth: the what and why of life. Through this curiosity, deep down inside, our sense of purpose is rekindled. If this didn’t occur, life would be monotonous, routine and boring.

The leaders that I most admire have a greater sense of purpose. They have molded and challenged me to never lose sight of the purpose of my work and existence. I still believe we can change the world. What are you purposed to do in your heart that you’ve somehow been distracted from?

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