What do we want to be known for? Love

I’ve never witnessed hate beget anything other than hate, violence and destruction. It is incomprehensible to me that many in our country refuse to find common ground on anything other than what divides us.  We should not be divided on the inhumanity of innocent civilians or police officers senselessly killed. We should not be divided on whether those who perpetuate acts that are found to be criminal should be held accountable.   We should not be divided on whether race, class or zip code should define life outcomes. We should not be divided on whether people should have the right to believe and pray as they choose. We can and should choose solidarity, standing together with the courage of conviction to find our path forward. This is what makes a people remarkable. This is the country I love. Love always prevails. May we continue to engage the challenges of our region and nation thoughtfully and empathetically.

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