Nothing is insurmountable when intentional

Over the course of my professional life, I’ve heard the word “insurmountable” used often to describe circumstances, challenges or odds. When I was a kid, the words were a whole lot simpler; people would just say, “impossible, not going to happen,” or some other dismissive phrase that was generally based on good and sound logic.

Some time ago, to insulate myself from the ups and downs that are just a part of life, I adopted the mantra that “setbacks are inevitable, but failure is not an option.” In other words, I believe that when we are intentional about our journey and live life on purpose and with purpose, all things are possible. Sometimes those things defy logic. This concept is true both in business and in the business of helping people.

I am inspired as I visit with leaders in this community who bend reality everyday to create prosperity for their employees and shareholders, to give people a chance to move up the economic ladder and to mend a splintering system designed to give a hand up to people who are at the very bottom. Nothing is impossible when we are intentional, purposeful, focused and at a common table.

By Orv Kimbrough

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