Seeking Refuge

Through my life, I have learned the importance of extending a hand of compassion and friendship to those who have been outcast. I learned this key life lesson because, as a kid, I sought refuge from the family turmoil, neighborhood chaos and disintegration that often accompanies the need to place a young person in the foster care system.

In my previous work and current position, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people of all backgrounds, races, cultures and religions. I have seen how much better we can be when we build bridges across our differences and welcome others who may be economically in a different place or who look and think differently than ourselves. I joined United Way because of its commitment to strengthening the community, to fighting for every person and to creating the conditions to help more people live better lives. We remain steadfast in upholding and living by our core values each day. We believe in the power of community, in working and coming together. We believe in diversity. We believe in integrity, fairness and respect. Our community and our society are best when we extend a hand of compassion.

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