What do we want to be known for? Service to Humanity

My early young adult life and career were shaped by my work with religious leaders of all types in the St. Louis region. It was from them that I received invaluable professional formation and found my voice. I miss my daily interactions with the Swamis, Bishops, Pastors, Imams and Rabbis. I miss my engagement with Protestants, Catholics, Bahai and lay leaders who daily felt called to a higher purpose of service to humanity. I miss my Mormon brothers and sisters who were often the first to raise their hand in service. I miss my Presbyterian and Episcopalian friends who spoke of and worked toward justice. I miss the lessons from the African Methodist Episcopal, the Christian Methodist Episcopal, the Baptists and the Missionary Baptists. I miss the sense of community that existed despite our differences.  It is particularly difficult when we have weeks and months such as these. I miss the bridge that once allowed us to cross in love and return reinforced in that love for all God’s people.

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