Thank You For Helping People!

On behalf of our many partner agencies and the more than one million people that will be helped throughout the next year, I want thank each and every one of you, our supporters, for collectively investing a record $75,650,000 million to help local people!

I am always reminded that, while we have many challenges that we must overcome, we also have many strengths that we must celebrate. I am reminded that throughout neighborhoods and communities across the region, we have people who care deeply about the quality of life in this place that we call home.

During this campaign season, so many people in our companies rallied to ensure that kids have safe places to go, that seniors have the support needed, and that basic needs are met.

Thank you, greater St. Louis, for loving those who are seen and unseen through your amazing acts of generosity. Thank you for injecting just a bit of belief and hopefulness in the lives of people who need it most. Belief and hopefulness are the two most powerful determinants to success, and thousands in our region will be closer to living their best possible lives because of your collective actions. All because you are the game changers and hand raisers of our community. Thank you.

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