The Humanity of All

When I was a kid in the foster care system, I had many people of all backgrounds – black, white, rich and poor – come into my life and help get me to where I am. Today this is no different, as people of all walks continue to speak into my life and career. My context, experience and relationships guide how I view the challenges we face and the approaches we take to address them. I acknowledge that systems are not always fair, but I cannot villainize any group. I believe that, as a community, as a civilization, too often we fail to see the humanity in every person. We must strive to do this always.

I am bullish on the idea that our community can overcome any challenge if we are truly in relationship with one another. I sense the frustration and exhaustion of people in our region with our current climate. It is easy to retreat to our space and refuse to listen to another perspective. It is hard to fight for the future we desire. But, we need each other in order to keep fighting. We must strive to see the humanity in all people. This truth isn’t one-sided. Let’s keep fighting.

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