The power of people connecting to help

United Way is unique. We are a diverse body of local individuals and institutions who, despite differences, choose to work together in partnership. We partner because we believe in the power of collective action to change lives and the world for the better. It is hard work, so why do we do this, year after year?

We invest to ensure that those who are hungry can eat.

We invest to ensure a person escaping domestic abuse has a safe place to go.

We invest to ensure that there is a network of caring people to help those who need it.

We invest to ensure people can live measurably better lives.

We invest regardless of social class or race: we invest for the working poor stretching a dollar to survive, and we invest for the family that never thought they’d need help. The network exists for us all. We meet people where they are along a continuum of hopelessness to hopefulness. And we know that it’s not just about charity; it’s about equipping people with the skills, confidence and supports needed to chart their own course.

We understand that the future of our region depends on all of us. We know that in the short-term we have to help more people plow through barriers that prevent educational attainment and economic stability, and long-term work to remove those barriers altogether.

Year after year we can do this important work because of the heroes like you who wake everyday and decide to do a little more. Thank you to each one of you in this diverse collective body. You make this work possible. In a time where there are a number of forces seeking to fracture our region and world, our common table is more important than ever. The success of our region will not be tied to press statements about what we are planning; it will be tied to pressing forward collectively. Let’s resist the temptation to go into our respective corners or develop plans in isolation. Let’s work together towards a common vision and not let up on the urgency to get things done.

It’s not too late to invest in our 2015 campaign or encourage someone else to give. As of today you have raised more than $38 million, please visit to give now.

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