“The price of greatness is responsibility” — Winston Churchill

Effective leadership takes boldness. Without audacity, a will to win and a growth mindset, leadership is not sustainable.

I have watched some local companies defy the generational kiss of death by making brave decisions as the world around them changed. Leaders understand the importance of shifting paradigms to maintain relevance and real chances to win.

I have seen new companies emerge, claiming their own unique position in the market and marching forward to future success. Leaders push themselves and those around them to reach for the unthinkable, the unspeakable and the unpredictable.

I have witnessed some communities across our nation make choices to rise above mediocrity and be known for something more than squeezing budgets in difficult economic times. Leaders acknowledge current realities and still push toward what is right.

I see individuals overcome significant obstacles, gaining hard-earned courage and leadership skills that drive them to do amazing things. Leaders don’t let past challenges stand in the way of their future.

Leaders grow weary, but they press forward to cast vision and mobilize others to shape and achieve it. Our youth and region need vision-casters who are willing to tackle tough issues and challenge our current comforts for our future prosperity.


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