Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

I’ve had more than my fair share of sleepless nights in the last year. I wake up thinking about United Way’s goals, our people, our community, our budget, our movement and, in the midst of incredible change, our partners and our ability to meet increasing needs. I am not easily taken off course from what it is I need to achieve; but on my watch, the stakes have seemed higher and, as a result, I’ve been more preoccupied with our approach and trying to think through every possible angle. I stand accused of worrying.

I didn’t realize until the end of 2017 that the quality of my life had diminished because I had taken the focus off of God and placed it on the assignment I’ve been tasked with in a rapidly changing environment.  I think about the job that we are all called and uniquely gifted to do as assignments. When we are given an assignment, it is not intended to arrest our development or steal our joy. In all assignments we are always given the right tools at the right time. Those tools generally come in the form of other people who have a viewpoint that rounds out our perspective. In the last year, I’ve learned a few lessons from the people who are called to be co-laborers with me:

1) When faced with decisions that impact people, make them from a position of compassion.

2) Don’t bottle up the toxins that come with tough decision-making; try the gift of vulnerability

3) No matter the decision you make, there will always be some who disagree and are disagreeable, so prepare your heart and mind

4) Be true to yourself and what has been purposed in your heart; some call it courage.

5) Keep your eyes set on who you truly serve and know that all things will work for your good. Worry ends where faith begins.

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