You don’t have to have deceased parents to be an orphan

As a young boy, I learned to be strong way too early. My cries generally fell on deaf ears. As I look out on the world today, I struggle with the fact that so many of our young people are crying out and it is as though they are in the wilderness asking our guidance to a better existence. I hug my two children every day. I ask them frequently how they know they are loved. The answers are precious.

Once we have set up provisions for our household, I believe that we have a responsibility to care for those who are orphaned, who is defined as a child without a protective or loving source. An orphaned child’s parent(s) is not required to have had a physical death. If you talk to people who mentor kids and observe some parents—they will tell you the same thing. The ripple that occurs in our world when we take interest in other people’s children is incredible. I speak from experience, your return on investment will come back to you a hundredfold. Thank God for those who took interest and nurtured my potential.

To change the trajectory of a generation—we have to listen, respond to their cries with love.


Kids Cry Out

Each day I take a moment
to reflect on my purpose
I’m dedicated to mission
…dedicated to service

The universal bond
that all people share
is that they once cried out
and needed someone else to care

Children, this world’s most valuable asset
are being abused and neglected by adults whose job it is to
love and protect

The decay in a child’s life
prompts me to stay strong
if not me, then who,
will continue to press on

Kids cry out in a world in which
they are unable to fend for themselves
enduring exploitation and misfortune
as they journey the trail

The scars that they carry
rips at the seam
the very essence of their soul
that binds them to their dreams

Kids cry out
every second
of every minute
of every hour
of every year
And as long as this is the case
Our mission in life is clear

Written by kid Orv (many years ago)

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